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Mississipi Brewers Guild - McLaughlin PC client

Mississippi Brewers Guild

McLaughlin PC works as outside counsel for the Mississippi Brewers Guild in order to further the interests of craft beer breweries throughout the state. One of the most recent “wins” for the Brewers Guild is the ability in 2018 to open their own tap rooms on site and sell their beer to the public. Previously under Mississippi law, they could only offer tastings in conjunctions with tours of the facility; now they can offer beer sales on premises within certain limits. 

McLaughlin PC manages the day-to-day operations of the trade association (which Matthew helped found) and manages their government-relations work. 


Crosstown Brewing Company - McLaughlin PC

Crosstown Brewing Company

McLaughlin PC served as fractional general counsel to help Crosstown Brewing Company on their initiative to raise capital for their ambitious launch in the Crosstown Concourse development in Memphis. The firm helped the company with both debt and equity financing and the legal structure necessary to make that happen. 


Lucky Town - McLaughlin PC

Lucky Town Brewing Company

McLaughlin PC served as outside general counsel to work with Lucky Town Brewing Company on a complicated land use and rezoning challenge in order for the brewery to move into the heart of Jackson, Mississippi’s Midtown neighborhood. The process required working with the City of Jackson’s planning department and ultimately the Jackson City Council to get a land-use variance and approvals for Jackson’s first brewery.


Cottonwood Public House - McLaughlin PC

Cottonwood Public House

McLaughlin PC helped Cottonwood Public House navigate the Federal and State regulatory process with with Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau  and the Department of Revenue. In July of 2017, Cottonwood because the first licensed brew pub in Mississippi after the passage of House Bill 1322.


Rain Source - McLaughlin

RAIN Source Capital

McLaughlin PC was fund counsel for the North Mississippi Angel Fund, responsible for all the fund documents and securities work. Set up in the fall of 2017, the fund is focused on early stage technology products and services by startups in Mississippi.

NOARC - Client Story - McLaughlin PC

National Oceans and Applications Research Center

McLaughlin PC formed this 501c3 non-profit that was an initiative announced by the governor. NOARC is an entity that catalyzes startups doing unmanned vehicle development for air, water and land along with data analysis on coastal wetlands. Recently received a $2.7 million grant.

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