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"Matthew is an indispensable resource for Cathead. He’s been very professional to work with and understands the state of the industry."
Cathead Vodka Testimonial - McLaughlin PC
Richard Patrick and Austin Evans
Cathead Vodka
Jackson, Mississippi
"Matthew has been a part of our team since the earliest stages of our business’s development. Having an attorney with so much experience in our industry has been invaluable while taking our project from a dream to a reality. His wealth of experience truly allowed him to function as a business advisor, in addition to a legal advisor. We probably could have started our brewery without his guidance, but it would have been a much more painful process. His ongoing counsel gives us confidence in the future of our company."
Clark Ortkiese and Will Goodwin - Crosstown Brewing - McLaughlinPC
Clark Ortkiese and Will Goodwin
Crosstown Brewing
Memphis, Tennessee
"Maybe it was good Karma. Or just good luck. But I think it was Fate. Back in 2004, we were getting serious about starting Mississippi's first packaging brewery, Lazy Magnolia, and we needed a lawyer. Matthew McLaughlin took us on as his very first client. I don't know if he had a choice in the matter. At the time, he was working for a large, well-known firm, and they probably stuck him with us because everyone else had the seniority to say "no" to such a hopeless case with little chance of continued revenue. After all, we were doing something that had never been done in Mississippi. Most people thought it was illegal, and almost everyone knew it would fail. Matthew didn't see it that way. He immediately fell in love with our project and became as intellectually and emotionally invested in Lazy Magnolia as we were. Over the last 14 years, the relationship between Lazy Magnolia, and Matthew has only grown stronger and deeper. He treats us like a partner instead of just a client. In fact, he has become so committed to Lazy Magnolia and the Mississippi craft beer industry that he left the security of a big law firm to strike out on his own and specialize in helping companies such as ours. In 2017, he was recognized by the Brewers Association, a nationwide organization representing breweries all over the United States, for his successful efforts to change Mississippi laws regarding small craft breweries. He continues to fight for a better business environment for small companies in the Southeast and has partnered with like-minded lawyers throughout the southern states. Lazy Magnolia is a nationally recognized brewery with an excellent reputation, in large part due to having Matthew on our team."
Leslie Henderson - Lazy Magnolia - McLaughlin PC
Leslie Henderson
Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company
Kiln, Mississippi
"Matthew has worked with us throughout the start-up of our technology company. He executed our LLC, developed our operating agreement, and talked us through the options and details associated with how we would run the company. His experience in transactional law helped negotiate our first licensing agreement, and his efforts have been instrumental to our success. Matthew is unique among lawyers in that he will not only execute the plan, he also has such an extensive background and experience base that he can coach you through developing the plan. He has real opinions about how to do things and isn’t just a legal echo chamber, reflecting your words back on to you. He is amazingly efficient, and I can say that I have never been shocked by a bill. He understands budgets, level of effort, and efficiency. He does an excellent job of communicating status as work progresses. I have used Matthew to setup several companies and have been impressed that he is always improving the quality of his product, incorporating new and emerging best practices, and at the same time becoming more efficient."
Mark Henderson - testimonial - McLaughlin PC
Mark Henderson
Cofounder/Chief Engineer
LogLinear Group, LLC
Waveland, Mississippi
"I was recommended to Matthew by Mississippi State University's Entrepreneurship Center around the same time I was gearing up for my first ever investment pitch. At the time, I knew absolutely nothing about the process, especially on the legal side. From start to finish, it was clear that Matthew was on my side. He answered questions, gave me much needed perspective, was consistently fast on turn-around, and had my back on the bill. As much work as I put him through, he had every right to charge me a small fortune, but the final bill was extremely modest. When I needed massive legal documents, or had pages of revisions from investors, he got them done in record time. At every step of the way, I felt like Matthew was in my corner, and he proved that in all the ways that truly mattered."
Ryan Gilbrech Meta Games
Ryan Gilbrech
CEO, Meta Games
Starkville, Mississippi
"McLaughlin PC has been an essential partner in helping us realize our mission of launching student and faculty venture-backed companies. Matthew immediately recognized our full vision and associated constraints, creatively building a plan that scales with our growth without leaving the entrepreneurs behind. As an entrepreneur himself, Matthew is one of those rare individuals that intimately understands the unique pain points high-growth companies face, giving him essential perspective prioritizing risk. Most importantly, he understands how to get projects over the finish line."
Eric Allen Hill - testimonial - McLaughlin PC
Eric Alan Hill
Director, Center for Entrepreneurship & Outreach at Mississippi State University
Starkville, Mississippi
"Matthew has a solid and realistic understanding of both the legal and business needs of a company that is trying to scale. His guidance and advice are not only technically sound, but practical. Matthew is very responsive and resourceful. He is a valuable member of our team and a joy with which to work."
Ben Hubbard - testimonial - McLaughlin PC
Ben Hubbard
CTO and Cofounder, Navagis
Jackson, Mississippi
"Since we're a new media company, we're often going into uncharted territory and it's important for us to have someone on our side who we can trust. Matthew has been a champion for the cause of our business. He is approachable, understands what we need, and looks out for our best interest."
Beau York - Podastery - McLaughlin PC
Beau York
Executive Producer, Podastery Studios
Jackson, Mississippi
"Matthew brings a depth of understanding of the beer industry that makes what seems to be a potential mountain for our company into a regular molehill for a lawyer of his experience."
Kellan Bartosch​ - testimonial - McLaughlin PC
Kellan Bartosch
Captain of Industry/Teller of Tales, Wiseacre Brewing Company
Memphis, Tennessee
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