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Creating a Great Label for your Craft Beer Is Critical

It's no secret that many consumers pick craft beer based on their labels. That makes it really important for most craft breweries to think seriously about developing professional, eye-catching artwork. I've been a beer consumer longer than I've been a beer lawyer and I've got the gut to prove it.…

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Crosstown Brewing Company: The Power of Place

Clark Ortkiese and Will Goodwin, cofounders of Crosstown Brewing Company, first bonded over home-brewing. They’d both grown up in Memphis, knew each other but weren’t close and had both moved away as young adults. Both got married to Memphis natives, had kids and ended up back in their hometown for…

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Moving forward with ONELINE

The City of Jackson’s ONELINE project is our first step to address our urban mobility challenges. It’s becoming evident that how we move around our cities is an indicator of our economic, education, and equity divide. Every day we get up and take various trips to fulfill our needs; we…

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5 Things Food and Beverage Companies Can Learn From Tech Startups

While food and beverage companies are very close to our hearts, we work with a variety startup and emerging companies that offer a wide spectrum of goods and services. From software companies to craft breweries, we regularly counsel clients on corporate, finance, intellectual property, and labor and employment matters. In…

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