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Business Resiliency During COVID-19 and Beyond

To help you build business resiliency as we battle with COVID-19 and anticipate future disruptions, we offer these seven recommendations to start working on now in your business or organization. It’s hard to fully comprehend the breadth of the health and economic consequences of the global crisis triggered by the…

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Trademark Clearance: What Every Brewery Must Know

McLaughlin, PC has developed a streamlined process for handling trademark clearance that involves clients doing some of the research themselves, helping to reduce legal fees.  Matthew McLaughlin explained the firm's trademark clearance process in the second article of a four-part series he wrote for the University of Vermont’s Continuing and…

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B.R. Distilling: Surfing the Craft Whiskey Boom to High Growth

B.R. Distilling Company's CEO McCauley Williams sees great growth potential in their American whiskey startup out of Memphis, Tennessee. The career change that McCauley Williams made in his late 20s would likely send a mother’s heart into palpitations. But his switch from a mergers-and-acquisitions attorney at a prestigious law firm…

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Women in Brewing: Lisa Miller

Despite the gains women have made in brewing, Lisa Miller believes it is still very much a man’s world. When the CEO of Natchez Brewing Company is with her husband Pat, the head brewer, at events, he gets addressed first 99 percent of the time because others assume he is…

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What to Consider Before Expanding Your Craft Brewery

Before expanding your craft brewery, what items do you need on your checklist? Matthew McLaughlin explores the steps in an article written with Kate Lumpkin of Live Oak Bank. The meteoric rise of craft breweries has resulted in a corresponding rise in competition. Our own Matthew McLaughlin addressed that growth…

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