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Century Tree Cidery: Bringing Hard Cider South

Peter and Meredith DeLeeuw started making hard cider with a Mr. Beer kit while students at Texas A&M. The Texas natives loved it so much that come fall of 2019, they’ll be creating their own unique concoctions, from scratch, at Century Tree Cider in Memphis, which will begin construction this…

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Legalizing Industrial Hemp a Boon for Mississippi Economy

While many states are legalizing medical and adult-use marijuana, the federal government has been quietly working to legalize industrial hemp. Hemp is a genetic cousin of marijuana and both are varieties of the cannabis plant, though hemp does not contain intoxicating amounts of the psychoactive compound THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Hemp has been…

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Craft Beer Goes Light (Lager)

Light lager from a craft brewery? Although craft beer is associated with strong hop flavors, beards and flannel, many breweries have recently launched "light lager" beers that depart from their traditional craft styles. The light lager style has historically dominated the overall American beer market, with macro-brewers such as Miller…

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Bully Sauce: The View From 30,000 First-Year Sales

Joseph Edens, founder of Bully Sauce, grew up in a "BBQ family"--his grandfather and father both ran a BBQ restaurant in Atlanta, and he grew up helping them make the sauces after school and on school breaks. Fast forward about ten years, and Edens created his first marinade soon after…

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5 Things Food and Beverage Companies Can Learn From Tech Startups

While food and beverage companies are very close to our hearts, we work with a variety startup and emerging companies that offer a wide spectrum of goods and services. From software companies to craft breweries, we regularly counsel clients on corporate, finance, intellectual property, and labor and employment matters. In…

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