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Six Trends Shaping the Food and Beverage Industry

Ever-changing consumer demand is driving an increasing velocity of innovation in the food and beverage industry. Food and beverage companies are trying to keep consumers by making predictive decisions on product categories and product development based on data and trends. The following are six trends that are shaping the food…

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Sweet and Sauer: Turning Passion into Products

Lauren Rhoades started her fermented-foods business in Mississippi—of all places—because she was jealous of a friend's social media feed. (She jokes that some key decisions in her life so far have been based on jealousy.) In this case, the friend was in FoodCorps, and was posting "amazing photos" of the…

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EasyKale: The Art (and Science) of Customer Discovery

When Bilal Qizilbash was studying for his Master's Degree in Medical Sciences at Mississippi College, he decided to study the effect of juiced leafy kale on melanoma cancer cells. In vitro (in a petri dish) he found that he could repeatedly get an astonishing result--the kale would attack melanoma cells,…

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