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The Sip Mississippi page at is a one-stop shop for the growing craft brewing industry in Mississippi, offering videos shot on location all over the state.

In a previous blog entry we pointed you to a few breweries that Sip Mississippi featured on the Gulf Coast and the Mississippi River; for this entry we’ll focus on south-central Mississippi, specifically two fantastic breweries in two great towns: Southern Prohibition in Hattiesburg and Slowboat Brewing Company in Laurel, Miss.

Southern Prohibition

Southern Prohibition Video - Sip Mississippi - McLaughlinPCLaunched in 2012, Southern Prohibition brings a whimsical, college-town vibe to a serious brewing and canning operation, offering some of the best beer in the south. Head Brewer Ben Green says that “quality and creativity” are the words he wants to hear about Southern Prohibitions beers when someone walks out the brewery, according to the Sip Mississippi video.

Southern Prohibition invites people from around the state (and beyond) to visit the brewery, which, as of the law change in July 2017, can sell beer for consumption on the premises. The brewery offers what it calls “taproom releases” with names such as Sea Lord, Psychopomp and Selfie Destruct, which are brewed in limited quantities, but can be enjoyed alongside their core beers that include Devil’s Harvest Breakfast IPA, Crowd Control Imperial IPA and Suzy B. Blonde Ale. The brewery recently released Southern Prohibition Light, an American Lager.

Emily Curry, vice president for Southern Prohibition, recounts the growth of the brewery, which has been focused on growing distribution in the South. Southern Prohibition grew from just Mississippi to Louisiana distribution in 2014, then adding Tennessee in 2015, Alabama in 2016 and Georgia in 2017.

All along it has maintained its roots in downtown Hattiesburg, where 2017 saw it continue to develop its taproom into a meeting hall for locals; in 2019 they’ll have pizza available five days a week from Mercury Pizza in the brewery.

Slowboat Brewing Company

Slowboat Brewing Company - Sip Mississippi - McLaughlin PC

Located in an old AM radio station building in downtown Laurel, Miss., Slowboat Brewing Company’s owner and brewer Kenny Mann says the brewery has set out to offer a village pub environment for the city’s residents. The brewery offers live music every Saturday at 7 p.m., with trivia and game nights peppered in throughout any given month.

Laurel’s downtown is a tight-knit group, according to Mann, that includes a coffee & tea shop, a butcher, the Laurel Main Street organization and others work together to get and keep customers in their charming downtown area, as well as throwing events and festivals together.

Slowboat makes a point of brewing different styles of beer than you’ll find elsewhere in Mississippi (sours, wild ales and farmhouse ales among others experiments) and prides itself on welcoming the whole community, whether they drink beer or not, and being a family-friendly option for seeing friends, playing games or even hanging out reading a good book.

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