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In retrospect, this blog has been a decade in the making.

For the longest time, I struggled to determine my professional place in the world, bouncing around like a rudderless ship on an unforgiving sea. I inexplicably forced norms upon myself that were not me, but images and projections of the direction my career was supposed to take like the others of us that were privileged enough to be invited into the inner sanctum of large corporate law firms.

And while escalating hourly rates supporting ever increasing overhead seemed to be my destiny, it took years for me to realize that my passion was not providing support and assistance to those that have historically had unlimited access to information, resources and influence.

My passion, and purpose, is to be the catalyst to kick down the walls for those that did not, the marginalized and the easily dismissed creative class. As I became hyper-focused on developing my professional strengths and visioning what sort of law firm I wanted to develop, the purpose of this blog became crystal clear.

We are a boutique commercial firm providing legal and governmental relations services to organizations that operate in highly regulated environments with a focus on the food and beverage industries. In this role, we have the privilege of belonging to two distinct communities, the startup community in the Southeastern United States and the national food and beverage community.

Aside from providing professional services, as members of the startup and food and beverage communities, I believe, it is our unquestioned responsibility to serve two specific needs: elevate the community and expand thought leadership. These will be the guideposts of this blog.

  • This blog will not feature highly technical legal jargon.
  • This blog will provide industry insights and stories on entrepreneurs and organizations challenging the status quo.
  • This blog will empower entrepreneurs and organizations with a voice and a platform to discuss topics and issues relevant and timely to developing, launching, and operating entrepreneurial endeavors primarily in the Southeastern United States.

If you have ideas for stories or are interested in contributing content, please reach out to us. We want the startup community and the food and beverage community to take ownership of this platform and drive its content.

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