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Trademark Clearance: What Every Brewery Must Know

McLaughlin, PC has developed a streamlined process for handling trademark clearance that involves clients doing some of the research themselves, helping to reduce legal fees.  Matthew McLaughlin explained the firm's trademark clearance process in the second article of a four-part series he wrote for the University of Vermont’s Continuing and…

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Women in Brewing: Lisa Miller

Despite the gains women have made in brewing, Lisa Miller believes it is still very much a man’s world. When the CEO of Natchez Brewing Company is with her husband Pat, the head brewer, at events, he gets addressed first 99 percent of the time because others assume he is…

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Why Trademarks Matter in the Competitive Craft Beer Industry

Trademarks matter in the craft beer industry, as Matthew McLaughlin wrote in a piece for the University of Vermont. A craft brewery’s intellectual property is its most valuable asset, and it starts with a name—a trademark—that embodies the product's creativity, passion and inspiration. In an article recently published by the…

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