Businesses and non-profits: See our COVID-19 Client Resource Center for articles and vetted links regarding the COVID-19 crisis.

We built the COVID-19 Client Resource Center to respond to our clients’ needs, and we’ve been adding to it steadily to make it a valuable resource for our clients and other small businesses.

When the effects of COVID-19 and the resulting shutdown started to hit many of our clients, we knew we needed to get ahead of the questions that would come.

So, we created the COVID-19 Client Resource Center and our COVID-19 blog, where we track legislation, offer updates, present analysis, and publish resources and advice to help you weather the current financial storm.

With the economy shutting down, and then slowly reopening, both startups and proven small businesses have taken a hit and need help. McLaughlin, PC, is here to help our startup and small business clients map out a plan for recovery and get ahead, where possible, in the “new normal.”

We’ve published this video that tells some of that story and to let you know we’re here for you. Visit the COVID-19 Resource Center or call us at 601-487-4550.

Introducing the COVID-19 Resource Center

We know this time is tough for small business owners. We work with them. We are them. That's why we've created the COVID-19 Resource Center as a free tool for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits to use to help navigate this difficult time. Check it out, and stay well!

Posted by McLaughlin, PC on Thursday, May 7, 2020

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