Every business, from startups to global industries, is subject to dynamic economies, regulated environments, and often the political climate – circumstances that can magnify the complexity of an organization’s strategic decision-making process. A strategic advisor who understands these outside influences can bring perspective and pragmatism to a business, which can positively impact performance, profitability, and operational excellence.

51/80 Advisors, a division of McLaughlin PC comprised of a specialized team of professionals, works collaboratively with clients by bringing innovative thinking, proven strategic frameworks, and implementation of skills to deliver organization-specific solutions. We provide customized, functional strategies that are designed to complement your existing management team and other professional advisors.

Strategic Partnerships and Planning

Organizations that do not have strategic partners operate at a competitive disadvantage. Partnerships can be complicated as no two organizations’ goals and objectives are completely aligned with each other. We can assist organizations in vetting potential strategic partners in order to maximize leverage, scalability, and incremental value-add. The result produces a mutually beneficial relationship, while fulfilling the objectives and missions of each organization.

Financial Resource Expansion

Continuity of capital is the most critical component to the continued development and growth of an organization. We help assess organizational capital needs and facilitate the capital raising process. We have relationships with angel investors, venture capitalists, private equity firms, nontraditional lenders, and conventional lenders that provide capital to a wide variety of organizations. We also work closely with organizations in leveraging federal, state, and local tax credits and other economic development incentives.

Corporate Positioning

Engaging key stakeholders at the right time, in the right manner, and with the right message is absolutely necessary in order to ensure project success. In addition, we believe that if you do not take ownership of your story, someone else will. We work with organizations and associations to determine the current state of the organization’s environment, identify key audiences, craft information needs, design strategies to trigger stakeholder engagement, and develop initiatives, programs, and products for achieving communications goals.

Coalition Building

Often, an organization’s issues are too large and complex to be solved exclusively through internal analysis and processes. In these circumstances, assembling a coalition of groups and individuals can be an effective strategy for addressing these issues. We advise organizations in coalition building and messaging strategies to help solve complicated and external organizational issues.

Public Policy

Government and agency decision-making impacts every organization. Protecting organizational needs and interests in the public arena is critically important to long-term sustainable success. We understand public policy and work with organizations, combining strategic advice with proficiency in government, administrative agencies, strategic positioning, and communications in order to maximize organizational input and capture available business opportunities.

Trade Association Management

Trade and professional associations are often challenged by a lean staff and budget with managing the full scope of their business operations, including governmental relations, marketing and educational outreach, event hosting and participation, membership recruitment and retention, fundraising, and navigating technology and financial regulations. 51/80 Advisors can help strategize, streamline, and maximize your association’s investment of both time and resources. From organizational, legal, and lobbying efforts to public relations, compliance services, and governmental advocacy, we offer a full-service solution that will create value for your staff, members, and stakeholders while successfully achieving your unique mission.

Why 51/80 Advisors?

51/80 Advisors is comprised of skilled professionals equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide proven strategic solutions, cost-effective support, and industry advocacy on behalf of your business. Let us serve as a trusted advisor and leverage your business to a more secure future with comprehensive, long-term strategies in place.