Your Vision,
Our Experience.

Our Philosophy

We begin with the end in mind. Recognizing that a desired outcome is based on a series of interrelated decisions in a highly dynamic world, effective and efficient legal advice must be thoughtful, analytical, and strategic.

We recognize that technical legal analysis is critically important to entrepreneurs and social innovators in the decision making process; but, it is almost never the sole consideration.

We believe an organization’s legal strategy should be holistic and integrated, taking into consideration the organization’s position in the market, financial resources, political influence, and public opinion. This is the core of our philosophy.

Our Value Proposition

Our value proposition is simple: We provide outcome focused strategic advice for entrepreneurs and social innovators.

We offer clients strategic counseling in five key areas including corporate and transactional, finance, intellectual property, policy and regulatory, and real estate. We also serve non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

We also serve non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and trade and professional associations.

Our Fee Structure

You control the cost of our services. While we do bill clients on an hourly basis, we also offer flexible alternative fee arrangements in order to meet our clients’ needs.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we are highly sensitive to the needs of our founders and we avoid “over lawyering” by applying our practical and innovative legal solutions to help our clients progress forward and succeed. Our approach is to provide high quality service and value from day one with flexible and customizable fee structures.

From flat fee engagements to monthly retainer arrangements, we strive to provide high-quality legal work delivered economically, efficiently, and predictably.

When You Should Contact Us

When you and your cofounders start developing an idea, regardless of whether it is a highly scalable technology venture, a craft brewery, or some social enterprise, it is generally time to call us. At this point, there is some underlying intellectual property and a degree of commitment to work together. There are also very real nascent legal and business risks.

Without experienced advisors, near fatal, and often fatal, mistakes can be made at this juncture of the organization’s life cycle. Since we have worked with countless startups and other non-profit organizations, we understand the legal issues associated with the creative process and beyond.

We believe that when properly and efficiently leveraged, a trusted advisor can be one of your greatest assets, not simply a monthly bill for services.