WE'RE Food and Beer Lawyers.
(That's a thing.)

We love food. We love beer.

And we believe the need for legal services, operational strategy, and public policy advice should not keep great food and beverage creators from bringing their products to market.

We have over 15 years of experience in the food and beverage industries, let’s work together!

Join Our Legal Audit Program

If you run a food and beverage company, we know you’re busy and you need to focus on operational issues.

That’s why we created the McLaughlin PC Food and Beverage Legal Audit Program, a one-time, affordable deep dive to bullet-proof your company based on our experience in your industry.

Setting up your businesses legal structure and documents correctly should help avoid litigation and prevent snags that could hinder your success and growth.

Our Clients

We work throughout the United States and consult nationwide.

Who's Keeping Score?

Like our clients, we value being independent, and in this competitive market we promise to stay true to you and to ourselves. Your vision is our goal. We won’t stop until you’ve reached your full potential.

Craft Beverage Manufacturers Represented
Craft Beer Manufacturers We Serve As Virtual General Counsel
$ B
Lead or Co-Counsel on $10 billion in Equity and Debt Financing

Our Team

Not just some ‘nother pretty faces. (Really doesn’t work plural.)

Matthew McLaughlin





Charlene Williams


Where We've Worked

While McLaughlin PC is based in the Deep South (Jackson, Miss., and Memphis, Tenn.) we’ve done work in craft food and beer industries all over the country. We’re thrilled to consult with anyone, anywhere, who is doing great work in the industries we serve.

States We've Worked In

McLaughlin States We've Worked In


Jackson Location

Memphis Location (by appt only)

Mailing Address: Post Office Box 2719 Jackson, Mississippi

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