Intellectual property legal counseling

Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

In today’s global marketplace and digital environment, technology and innovation are catalyzing the re-invention of every industry sector. Because of this, intellectual property and technology law is more essential than ever for protecting the ownership and control of a company’s most valued assets: its brand, copyrights, ideas, patents, trademarks, technologies, and trade secrets.

At McLaughlin, PC, we bring clients proven experience and an in-depth knowledge of intellectual property and technology law. Having an attorney who understands and can navigate the framework of these complex laws and regulations is critical, and we are prepared to serve as a valuable resource for mitigating risks and creating and protecting your work.

We leverage years of experience and knowledge to:

  • Protect intellectual property and technology innovations
  • Negotiate license agreements and contracts
  • Assist in procuring copyrights, patents, and trademarks
  • Guide clients through technology development, procurement, and commercialization
  • Draft and negotiate technology transactions


  • Advise on joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, corporate transactions, and outsourcing
  • Counsel on asset management, valuation, data security, infringement, and privacy issues
  • Develop long-term brand and marketing strategies
  • Manage intellectual property portfolios


Our firm offers a unique set of services deployed in an efficient manner to technology and innovation-based ventures. Our intellectual property experience spans from startups to established businesses and across many industries, including technology, food and beverage, manufacturing, consumer products, electronics, health care, and more. We are proud of our proven successes and the trusted, longstanding relationships we build with our clients.

Technology and innovation based legal counseling