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Connor Reeves - McLaughlin PC
Conner Reeves heads up our Cannabis Law Blog.

Welcome to McLaughlin, PC’s Cannabis Law Blog where we will be posting articles that highlight the rapidly evolving legal landscape of cannabis in the United States.

Many of our clients are entering the cannabis space and call us with questions or for legal help as they navigate this new industry.

Here are a few of the questions we have gotten recently:

  • “Can we add cannabis extract to our products?” -Southeastern region alcohol manufacturer.
  • “How do we obtain a permit to grow hemp at our nursery?” -Nursery operator in Mississippi.
  • “Can we trademark our cannabis/CBD brand?” -Hemp farmer in Tennessee.
  • “What do we do about our employees that are using medical marijuana outside of work hours and have a medical marijuana ID card?” -Large manufacturing employer in Arkansas.
  • “Will a bank accept money from my hemp business?” -Farmer in Alabama thinking of growing hemp.

On this blog, we will be answering questions like these to address the multitude of issues that our clients are facing and provide insight as to where the industry is headed, both with federal and state laws and regulations.

Changes are occurring by the day and we have our finger on the pulse of what is happening. Our history of working with startups and existing businesses in highly-regulated fields means we can help you enter the cannabis arena in areas such as:

  • Choosing a corporate structure and forming a legal entity
  • Obtaining financing and closing a deal
  • Securing relevant permits and licenses
  • Filing and protecting trademarks
  • Evaluating employment issues
  • Expanding your business into new markets

Whether you are an industry member or operate a business impacted by cannabis, we encourage you to follow this blog and contact us if you have any questions.

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