When you and your co-founders start developing an idea, regardless of whether it is a highly scalable technology venture or a new craft brewery, it is time to call us.

Without experienced advisors, near fatal, and often fatal, mistakes can be made at this juncture of the organization’s life cycle. Since we have worked with countless startups and emerging companies, we understand the legal issues associated with the creative process and beyond.

We work with startups and emerging companies to launch new ventures and take them forward. Clients who partner with McLaughlin, PC get the advantage of extensive experience and an entrepreneurial perspective that help build businesses and transform concepts into successful and sustainable companies.

We understand the tactical decisions made by founders and management; and, in many instances, serve as a virtual general counsel, providing strategic advice to a client’s management team. McLaughlin, PC believes that when properly and efficiently leveraged, a trusted advisor can be one of your greatest assets, not simply a monthly bill for services.

Our services include:

  • Entity formation
  • Financing
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Licensing
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Distribution agreements
  • Executive compensation and employee benefits
  • Securities issuances
  • Mergers and acquisitions