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Small Batch - McLaughlin, PCAre you an entrepreneur and a fan of podcasts? Are you interested in the food and beverage or craft beer industries? If so, the Small Batch Podcast is for you!

The Small Batch Podcast is made up of three individuals who have worked in highly regulated industries in Mississippi and across the southeast. Lauren, the Kombucha Lady, is the previous owner of Sweet and Sauer in Jackson, Mississippi. Paul, the Country Coffee Roaster, is the owner of Beanfruit Coffee and the group is rounded out by Matthew, the Craft Beer Lawyer, of McLaughlin, PC. Small Batch Podcast dives into the hurdles experienced by entrepreneurs in the food and beverage world.

Episode One: Welcome to Small Batch

“Welcome to Small Batch,” is an introduction to the podcast and is a great way to get acquainted with group. Each come from diverse backgrounds but as the series progresses you will hear how perfectly they intersect.

Episode Two: Scaling

The group hits the ground running in episode two; “Scaling.” In Scaling, the discussion revolves around how most food and beverage businesses begin as a hobby, and then dives into what it takes to grow them into thriving businesses. This episode includes information on purchasing equipment, selling your product on a local scale and how to graduate to selling through retail channels.

Episode Three: Identity

Identity. What does it mean to small business owners and how do you insert your own identity into your business venture? Episode three dives into how an individual’s identity plays a role in a product’s development, packaging, and marketing. Lauren’s experience as a woman and Paul’s experience as an African American business owner gives an intricate look into identity in the food and beverage space.

Episode Four: Thank You Lucky Town

Episode four is a tough one for the Jackson community and Mississippi as a whole. The team discusses the closing of Lucky Town Brewing Company, the capital city’s only brewery. Lauren, Matthew, and Paul discuss the impact Lucky Town had on Jackson and the Mississippi craft beer industry. ‘Thank You Lucky Town!’ dives into the challenges brewers across the country are facing, and the group discusses how they are similar to those of the food and beverage industry.

Episode Five: What the Hell Does Small Even Mean?

Is ‘small’ a relative term in the business world? The team tries to decipher “What the hell does ‘small’ even mean?” in this episode of Small Batch. From cottage food businesses to craft beer, what defines a small business? Are larger brands trying to capitalize on the consumers desire to support smaller brands?

Episode Six: Burnout

The ‘Burnout’ episode is one entrepreneurs and other working individuals can relate to. This episode discusses Lauren’s decision to close Sweet and Sauer. Matthew and Paul discuss their own professional experiences with burnout and what they did to push through adversity.

Episode Seven: Self-care

In the world of entrepreneurship, self-care is becoming increasingly important. The Small Batch group discusses ways to promote self-care and explain why it is so important for entrepreneurs to take a break every once in a while.

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