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As a small business ourselves, we’ve shaped our law practice around the needs of our small business clients.

Got an idea for starting a business? Want to open a new line in your existing business? McLaughlin PC is a boutique firm that focuses on the needs of small businesses. We love talking about creative ideas and brainstorming how to make your ideas work. Helping you go from concept to putting that product in a store or on the Web is something that really makes our work worth it.

We’ve published this video to talk a little about why we’re different and who we’re trying to serve. If you’re got a startup, a non-profit, or a business in a highly regulated industry, give us a call at 601-487-4550.

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“Our success is totally tied to the success of our clients.” We approach the practice of law in a very different way. Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs operating in regulated environments with information, relationships, and resources that enable them to compete in a global economy.

Posted by McLaughlin, PC on Thursday, June 4, 2020

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