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We are human.

Though we may do technical work, we recognize that human connections bring our work to life. Unlike other law firms that speak in complicated and confusing legalese, we provide legal services and sound business advice in understandable terms and without the stuffy corporate atmosphere.

We are adaptable.

Change is inevitable, and we embrace it. Most law firms do not realize they are no longer the gatekeepers of information. We accept this reality and actively explore creative ways to partner with our clients in more meaningful ways other than simply as a lawyer and a client.

You come first.

We are here not only to serve your legal and public policy needs by providing unmatched service; we also stand as your trusted advisors helping you improve processes to become more efficient and to connect you to partners, resources, and information that will help your organization succeed.


Matthew McLaughlin - attorney - McLaughlin, PC

Meet Matthew

Our founder. The rogue attorney and lover of all things “Star Wars” and craft beer.

Conner Reeves - attorney - McLaughlin PC

Meet Conner

Attorney, beer enthusiast.
He’s the culinary director for the firm along with other made-up titles.

David Carn - attorney - McLaughlin PC


Meet David

Attorney, graphic designer, musician.

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