McLaughlin grows with its clients throughout their lifecycle, structuring the legal team in a way that brings the wisdom of an outside expert, while retaining the institutional knowledge to deliver consistent legal services. Our attorneys have worked at top firms with collective experience representing hundreds of clients from formation to exit.


WE'rE Efficient

Low Overhead

McLaughlin uses the latest technology to collaborate, reducing overhead and making it cost effective for our clients to work directly with their legal team.


In deference to the agility of early stage companies, McLaughlin adapts to fluctuating demands of its clients, ranging from discrete legal tasks to running venture financings and acting as outside general counsel.


We use our clients’ success as an indicator of our success, not the number of hours billed. We keep you updated on our fees and work within your budget so the bill is never a surprise.

We're Approachable

Communication is Key

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the day-to-day pressures and decisions of early stage companies. Unlike many firms where senior attorney access is elusive, we are readily available to address client needs.

Let's Get Together

We save the billing for actual legal work – not getting to know your business. Meeting the team, learning about the product, and attendance at board meetings is on the house.


No Lectures

Rather than tell you what you can’t do, we offer solutions for what to do. We draw on our experience to help you make the most practical decisions for your company.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

So don’t. If you already have in-house or outside counsel, we can work together to leverage the workload and keep legal fees down.

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